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Monday, November 16, 2015

Wowzers. What a week.


Wow it sounds like you  had a wonderful week in Puerto Rico. That is insane for me to think you were out of the country while I had no idea and kind of forgot you were going. Haha, but that is the way mission life is. I just kind of forget about home until I have to write. I have changed a lot in this way because you would have never slipped my mind in my first 3 months and I was always thinking of  you guys. But now I don't think of you that often. I mean I love you all, still with my whole heart but now I feel I am truly centered on the work and doing what the Lord would have me be doing.

Pretty much I just love Ecuador and the challenges and the language. I mean I just can't help loving these people. They are the best and even though sometimes they choose not to listen I still love them unconditionally.

This week i have learned a lot about the joy of the gospel and sharing it. We have been working hard in both sectors and have been truly  blessed to see miracles. I mean I love this scripture about miracles.

 15 And now, O all ye that have imagined up unto yourselves a god who can do no miracles, I would ask of you, have all these things passed, of which I have spoken? Has the end come yet? Behold I say unto you, Nay; and God has not ceased to be a God of miracles.

 16 Behold, are not the things that God hath wrought marvelous in our eyes? Yea, and who can comprehend the marvelous works of God?

Mormon 9:15-16

I know that our Heavenly Father is a God of Miracles and will not change. It is truly a miracle that I am in this companionship and that I am being blessed to learn not just from one but two companionship's. I would have never thought this was a miracle but it is, so I can learn so much more to be an even better missionary.

I love  you guys so much and hope you have a wonderful week.

Love you

Hermana Hull

 Ps I love that drink. I get it often

PPS I live in Cotocollao :) love you

Cinnamon Rolls

Cold Study Morning

Tuesday I got to spend the day with Hermana Hermann from Texas and Hermana Israelsen from Utah. Got some good Ice Cream Hearts.

These are me and my two companions.
Hermana Holbrook is from Idaho and Hermana Dorta is from New York. Yes she has the awesome accent.

ME and most of the hermanas in our zone today for the zone activity.

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