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Monday, November 30, 2015

Keep it Simple


You always sound like you have a great week. Sounds kind of rough with nutty right now but  whatever happens it is for a reason. I still think it is so wrong for them to have opened that early on Thanksgiving. And I totally wouldn't go to do shopping either. It just makes me sick. But you did have a very busy work schedule this week and that is always insane but it is over until next year so that is good.

I am so happy to hear you are reading every morning. I loved that. Really when we started like my, I don't remember what year in high school, it really helped me see how important the scripture really are in our lives and how big of an impact they can have on us as daughters and sons of our heavenly father.

I can also believe Jaden has grown a lot. Just from fotos i can tell he has. That is insane. I am sure I won't be able to call him my little brother technically anymore but he always will be :D

I really am enjoying my trio. It is super different from any other companionship I have had and probably will have in the future but it is so great and i am really learning a tons from both of them.

So sorry I need to talk more about the people. My brain goes a little wild when we are on the computer and if forget to tell things.

Right now we are working with Stefi and her Familia. They are less actives and she is 9 and hasn't been baptized. They are just really struggling in there testimonies. They are so the best and have so much potential but fall into Satan's temptations and always fight and fight and fight and it is super hard for them to get back on there feet. They are from the coast and I have found here that they are the most open and willing to listen but there lifestyle is so laid back that it is a little difficult for them to change but it is always possible. El Hermano has a drinking problem and so that effects other parts we are working on. I just know that they can make it and that Stefi can be baptized and I know it isn't through what we are doing or wanting but through the power of the Savior and his Atonement. He is the one that can truly can help them change. I know it because it has only been through him that I am able to change. We are just the carriers of the light of him and just let them know there is a way and then he is the one that truly does the rest.

For others we are searching a lot for more familias. We have a few but they aren't progressing. In time they will but sometimes you have to let them go to have the time they need to truly have the desires they need to be willing to make those changes in there lives.
It is also really interesting because of the 2 sectors so there are twice as many people in my head to pray for and think about!! :D

I love the Christmas video. We got to watch it about a month ago. We got the pass a long cards and now can hand them out to spread the real reason for the season. Just doesn't quite feel like it because there is no snow here and won't be but that will be okay. It is just getting hotter now than colder and tons of rain!

So this week was an interesting one because of the sickness I got attacked by. On Thursday I felt fine but on Friday I woke up and about an hour later started throwing up. It was bad. I couldn't even keep water down that day. We had to stay in for the day and the last two days we didn't go out to much because of how tired and dizzy I was. But I am all good now. Getting my fuerzas (strength) back and working good now. It was just the pits though because we weren't able to work and that is all I want to do. But sometimes it is for a reason and I truly feel that it was to be able to strengthen my companionship and the love I have for my family. Sometimes Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways but it is all good, we just have to trust and be willing to let him take it all!!

I was getting to reading the conference from October this past week and I really really really love it. I can truly testify of a living profet and apostols(prophet and apostles). They have the power of God which is the sacred priesthood and we can truly grow in faith and love as we listen and obey their consejos(advice). This was a part I love from Pres. Monson's talk

Mis hermanos y hermanas, estamos rodeados de oportunidades para brillar cada día, en cualquier situación en la que nos encontremos. Al seguir el ejemplo del Salvador, tendremos la oportunidad de ser una luz en la vida de otras personas, ya sean nuestros parientes y amigos, nuestros compañeros de trabajo, personas apenas conocidas o totalmente desconocidas.
(My brothers and sisters, we are surrounded by opportunities to shine every day , in every situation in which we find ourselves. By following the example of the Savior , we will have the opportunity to be a light in the lives of others , whether our relatives and friends, our co-workers, people barely known or completely unknown .)

I know that we can be true examples of light as we come to know our Savior better everyday through prayer, scripture study and attending church. We will be the most happy and feel the most peace and tranquility in this life as we keep the gospel simple and do what our Heavenly Father wants us to do. I felt that as I listened to our wards primary program. We just got to keep it simple like the little ones testimonies and all will be well!!

Love you all a ton!!
Have a great week
Hermana Hull

Ps I got 3 packages this week. Thanks is there anything else I need to look for.
PPS could you send me floss threaders
PPPs could you see if you could get the hermana moretas email i found out i can email her.

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